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Letter from the President

Mallory Sonalert Products, Inc. provides the highest quality and most diverse line of audible signals in the world today.  From our standard panel product to our custom designed, customer specific models, we are able to devise and produce virtually unlimited sounds and timing intervals to meet any requirement.

Mallory Sonalert is the true pioneer in the arena of electronic audible signals, having been developed in 1969 using patented piezoelectric technology.  From its humble beginnings in Huntsville, Alabama, the Sonalert and its use has grown endlessly and can now be found worldwide where a high quality alarm is necessary.  Industrial , consumer, transportation, medical, and military markets have all found solutions with Sonalerts, in applications as diverse and elevators, railway passenger cars, pedestrian crosswalks, infant monitors, construction and agricultural equipment, jets, fire trucks, industrial cooking equipment, and recreational equipment.  Even NASA has utilized specially made Sonalerts for the space program. 

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and much of our research and development is undertaken to help customers find solutions to difficult problems.  Numerous patents have been awarded for many design innovations, including our IEC60601-1-8 medical alarms and 22mm panel mount alarms with LED lights utilizing microcontroller technology.  Our state of the art Engineering Lab continues developing new products, such as the Stacklight series light towers, miniature electronic speakers, microphones, surface mount buzzers, and piezo buzzers offering loud sounds at low voltages.

Sonalert is recognized around the world as the standard in audible alarms and other board-level audible devices, and with our broad array of products, which, in addition to those named above, include sirens, warblers, multi-tones, transducers, and indicators, Mallory Sonalert Products has one of the most extensive product offerings available.  I invite you to visit our website and contact us with any sales or technical questions you may have.

Wayne Hodges
President & CEO
Mallory Sonalert Products, Inc.

Mallory Sonalert Products • 4411 South High School Rd. • Indianapolis, IN 46241 • 317.612.1000